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UV surface brightness of galaxies
from the local Universe to z - 5
     1 May 2014

Do local analogs of Lyman Break Galaxies exist? 20 June 2007

Evidence for a Non-Expanding Universe: Surface
Brightness Data From HUDF
     26 Sep 2005

Two World Systems Revisited: A Comparison
 of Plasma Cosmology and the Big Bang
     Jan 2004

Intergalactic Radio Absorption And The COBE Data.pdf 1995

On The Problem Of Big bang Nucleosynthesis.pdf 1995

The Case Against The Big Bang.pdf 1993

Confirmation Of Radio Absorption.pdf 25 Feb 1993

Force Free Magnetic Filaments.pdf  6 Dec 1992

Radio Absorption By The Intergalactic Medium.pdf 19 Jul 1989

Galactic Model of Element Formation.pdf 2 April 1989

Plasma Model an Alternative To The Big Bang.pdf 1 Oct 1987

Magnetic Vortex Filaments.pdf 6 Dec 1986

Magnetic Self Compression No 2.pdf 2 July 1985

Magnetic Self Compression No 1.pdf 15 Oct 1985